Andreas Møgelmose · 50 90 91 37

Hi, my name is Andreas, and I do research in artificial intelligence. I love explaining AI in a way so everybody can understand. Let me know if you're interested in a talk!

I'm an assistant professor at Aalborg University in Denmark, where I do research in AI and computer vision. I'm interested in applying AI in solving real-world problems. Apart from that, I also coordinate the Bachelor of Engineering in AI Engineering at Aalborg University.

When I'm not geeking out on my computer, I like to drive my tractor or build a chair in my woodshop. I know how to balance a unicycle, and I love cranberries. I've also ridden a motorcycle from Aalborg to Cape Town.


Would you, your company, or your organization like to know more about AI? You're at the right place!

My great passion is explaining complex things in a simple manner, and I love going out to companies and others, who need to understand AI and figure out how - and if - they can use it. Among others, I've done talks for boards of private companies, IT departments, Rotary and Folkeuniversitetet.

Don't hesitate to reach out on, phone 50 90 91 37 or LinkedIn!

Themes of talks could for example be:

  • Everything you need to know about AI: How do neural networks work, and why won't they take away your job... or will they?
  • ChatGPT: This is how it works, and how your can use it in practice.
  • Behind the veil: Does AI understand the world?
I'm happy to tailor a talk to fit into your program.

Here's a taste (in Danish) from Science Slam in Aalborg, which I won in 2023:


My research spans broadly across the field of computer vision. I've worked with intelligent cars, medical image analysis, and control of industrial painting robots.

I belong in the "applied" end of research. In reality I'm just a computer nerd who likes to make stuff work and fiddle with the newest algorithms. And nothing is more satisfying than making something work. Hence, most of my research departs from a specific real-world problem, which I try to solve using cutting edge methods.

Often times you can't just download a tool to solve your problem, and that's when you have to invent something new, and boom... you're doing research.

If you're interested in all the dirty little details, you can find a complete list of publications at my VBN-profile at AAU.